Ride Report - Tipsy Goat Rally

Earlier today Keisha and I visited over 60 wineries and breweries in the Central Coast region. The downside? We couldn’t drink a drop of it. What, pray tell, would lead us to torture ourselves in this way for 8 hours on a beautiful Sunday? Hammy. Hammy made us do it. For it was from his evil brilliant mind that the Tipsy Goat was born.

We had originally planned on doing this Saturday morning, but a dire need for brake pads and a front tire delayed that plan. So instead we set out Sunday morning. After a quick breakfast at McDonald’s, we “punched the clock” and headed out into the wild blue yonder.

Our planned route began in Buellton, Ca with a quick clockwise loop to Lompoc and back.

Having ended up back where we started, we continued on in a sort of figure S shaped route. So far we had managed to stay off the interstate, and we were hoping to keep that streak as long as possible.

Having reached Santa Maria, we decided it was time to earn that food art bonus. Cool Hand Luke’s is a fantastic steakhouse here in the Central Coast, and they serve some of the best Tri-Tip in the area. Keisha had never been there, so with our lunch plans settled, we headed over to get our grub on.

Here is what my plate looked like at the beginning:

And here is the art piece it turned into:

With our bellies now full, we continued north towards our goat, stopping along the way.

We had Avila Valley Barn as a required stop as we knew they would have some goats. We parked and when we started walking into the place, they happened to be the first thing we ran into.

Having captured our goat bonus, we took a slightly scenic route over towards San Luis Obispo, capturing whatever bonuses we encountered along the way.

At this point, we decided to head back towards home and end there, boosting our mileage in case anyone tied us. Plus, we were a little tired by now and didn’t want to continue getting farther away from home. So southbound we went. About an hour later we arrived where we started and “punched out.”

Ending Receipt:

In the end, we had covered 196 miles and visited 60 wineries/breweries in just under 8 hours time. We both had a terrific ride, rode some amazing roads, and took some incredible photos.