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Tour of Honor 2022

Description:  In 2021, the Tour of Honor received over 39,000 verified submissions, which came out to 182 per day for the duration of the rally. So a new scoring portal was designed, pitched and greenlit. For 2022, the TOH will have a dedicated scoring portal that houses all the memorial data, allows riders to submit right from their computer, and more importantly, allows the scorers to have a much faster workflow of scoring submissions. Additionally, I also created brand new mobile apps that brought Android and iOS to equal footing while still allowing for easy review and submissio while out in the field.

Key Technologies Used: Expo, JavaScript, MySQL, Passport, React Native, Sequlize

Outdoor Adventures Screenshot Outdoor Adventures Screenshot

Outdoor Adventures

Description:  This was a group project that I worked on with two other students. We were to come up with a site that utilized at least one external 3rd party API, leveraged Express and NodeJS, and introduced at least one new framework we had not worked with before. We decide to build a site that used National Park Service data to allow for users to view details about the various parks and then add them to a list of either parks they had visited already, or parks that they would like to visit.

Key Technologies Used: Axios, Bootstrap, Express, Handlebars, Heroku, MySQL, Passport, Sequlize

Homework 14 Screenshot Homework 14 Screenshot

Reverse Engineering Code

Description:  In this assignment we were to review a sample site and describe what was going on with the code. While we could have done this with a simple Word doc, I chose to make a website that leveraged PrismJS to stylize the code and have my notes next to it.

Key Technologies Used: Express, PrismJS, UIKit

Password Generator Screenshot Password Generator Screenshot

Password Generator

Description:  A password generator site that allows you to set your complexity requirements and then generate randomized passwords that meet those requirements. This was the 3rd homework project in the Full Stack Web Dev course.

Key Technologies Used: Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, jQuery

Tour of Honor Mobile App Screenshot Tour of Honor Mobile App Screenshot

Tour of Honor Mobile

Description:  The Tour of Honor is a motorcycle rally that uses various military and first responder memorials as rally locations. Starting out using physical pictures and snail mail, they recently started to allow for emailed in submissions that had specific subject formatting and such. So I volunteered to make them an app that made submitting easier for participants and this is the result of that. The iOS version came out first, followed by an Android version. The iOS version has since been rewritten from scratch using SwiftUI and is currently on version 2.

Key Technologies Used: Xcode, Android Studio, Swift, SwiftUI, Java

Tour of Honor (Android & iOS)

Tour of Honor Mobile App Screenshot

Password Generator

Password Generator Screenshot

Code Quiz

Code Quiz Screenshot

Reverse Engineering Code

Homework 14 Screenshot

Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventures Screenshot

Tour of Honor 2022

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